Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Having a personal trainer is not just a reason to have a macho person watch you all over the place and keep you company while you exercise. It is rather a helpful addition to making sure you accomplish your exercise goals and do that properly. There are several benefits of having a good personal trainer but while making the choice you need to be aware of certain red flags of a wrong trainer to help you choose right.

Why you need a personal trainer

Training on your own can at times be hard when you have no idea what routines you should do, how long you should do them and even how to combine a number of routines you have lined up. Here are the upsides of having a good trainer:

For one, they are trained experts in the kind of routines you need to apply to get certain results. Not all exercise routines are for all parts of the body; some work better than others. For example, if you want to build your glutes when you hit the gym, you move straight to the leg press you will only be working on your quads and hamstrings. An expert can help you avoid this trouble.

Exercise routines are good but when excessive can become injurious; some routines, like stretches, are usually supposed to come before another; and yet some need gradual training before you are ready to take the full routine. A personal trainer can guide you in each of these scenarios thereby reducing the level of risk and maintaining your good health while increasing the effectiveness of each routine.

Personal trainers are helpful when you want to reach a certain goal as well as help you create a realistic one. For people who create goals for themselves such as for weight loss or developing the perfect abs, personal trainers can be helpful for that. Most times the adrenaline rush to reach a certain goal can blind you to certain injurious risk you might take that could damage your body. Having goals are important but measuring their attainability as well as time requirements are also important. A trainer can help you set realistic goals as well as a helpful time frame for their achievement.

Some personal trainers along with learning fitness routines are also required to learn about nutrition and lifestyle. This is a good bonus for your training routine because certain fitness routines require you to have more protein and some more carbs. Your personal trainer could help with monitoring your nutritional intake and tailor it to suit your desired routine.

Another advantage of having a personal trainer is having someone to hold you accountable. Whenever you are tempted to sleep five more minutes, when you remember you have a trainer waiting for you, chances are higher that you will get out of the covers and get going,

Qualities of a good personal trainer

Not all personal trainers in the market are fit for the job and you have to be careful of them. Here are helpful qualities to look out for when selecting a personal trainer:

You need a trainer that is focused and confident. A good trainer is focused on your goals and works to help you attain them. The trainer does not only come to give you a motivational speech or two but actually gives you routines and monitors your progress. This is because what you need is not essentially a friend but a trainer and if your trainer is trying to entertain you to keep you as a client you should probably change.

A good trainer takes records of your progress to gauge if the routine is working out when to increase the sets or decrease the sets. Any trainer that has no records of your starting point and your progress in the routines is not good for you.

A good trainer selects proper routines tailored to your needs. The trainer not only gives you routines to do but also explains how they are beneficial o you in achieving your goal. This is because the time you spend with your trainer might not be more than two to three hours so every minute counts.

A good trainer has good communication skills. In helping you create realistic goals, informing you when you are not pushing yourself enough or when you are pushing yourself too much, a good personal trainer must have such communication skills. A trainer should not have a sugar-sweet tongue and yet should not be harsh and condemning. Because your goal will be a journey as you start your routines, your trainer must seek to know certain details that are relevant to the achievement of your goal. This will help in improving communication and even the selection of routines.

Knowledge is important in every field so a good trainer must have the technical know-how for you to achieve your target. This does not necessarily require a certificate but the trainer must be adaptable. If the trainer cannot learn new things it will be a problem for you. Also, you probably should not know more than your trainer in everything so if this is the case you should have a change.


If you have looked through the internet and yet have no idea where to start from, a trainer will be very helpful to you. Some routines are not so easy and most times it is great to have an exercise schedule with each routine lined up. For example, with weight training, a trainer can monitor your exercise intensity and how many sets or reps you need to do, monitor your progress and at times nutrition; the trainer can help you maximize your time so you will not do more where you should do less.

A trainer can also help you learn to do exercises on your own. From learning how to lift weights properly to the proper forms in practicing certain routines as well as providing advice periodically, a personal trainer is good for this.

P.S. If you can’t afford a personal trainer it’s also reconmend to try an online course. It will give you the knowledge necessary to reach your goals. There are a lot of great ones out there and if you want to increase your size and strength while enjoying your life try The Greek God Program

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